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2 & 4 STROKE


Mercury 4hp 2 stroke

Mercury 4hp 2 stroke s/s - SOLD - This engine is in very nice condition - light weight(21kg) outboard - with integral fuel tank  comes fully serviced with 3 months back to base warranty.

Mercury 4hp

Mercury 4hp 2 stroke SalePower (2006) - SOLD these Long shaft outboards come with charging cables and a high thrust prop as standard. This is a very nice condition outboard - light weight 23kg - becomming rare to find such nice examples. We can upgrade this to 5hp for £35(cost of jets). We have another of these Longshaft outboards(5hp) that is in very nice condition but not a Sail power - £445.

Mercury 4hp

Mercury 4hp 4 stroke s/s (2015) - SOLD - in immaculate condition. Popular portable outboards at 25kg - we can upgrade this to 6hp for an extra £135. The Mercury has superior corrosion protection - these are quiet running outboards and have a smoke free operation. Comes with fuel tank and 3 months b2b warranty.

Yamaha 3.5hp Malta
Yamaha 3.5hp malta
Yamaha 3.5hp Malta

Yamaha 3.5hp(Malta) We have a couple of these in stock - please call for pricing. Great 2 stroke L/s in very nice condition. Extremly popular outboard relatively light weight - renouned for their reliability. comes fully serviced.

Yamaha 2hp

Yamaha 2hp 2 stroke s/s;-  We have a few of these in stock we will be listing soon - one mint as new condition, please call for pricing. These are very popular light weight outboards(9kg) and have a history of reliability. Comes fully serviced.  includes 3 months warranty.

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke

Yamaha 4hp 2 stroke s/s 2005;- - SOLD - we have great condition lightly used outboard. These are very popular as they are light and manageable and carry a certain pedigree. This model can take an external fuel tank - comes with a full and thorough extensive service and 3 months back to base warranty.

Yamaha 4hp

Yamaha 4hp 4 stroke s/s;- £625 - SOLD - outboard in MINT condition - very quiet and economical engine that has an integral fuel tank and also has the capacity to take an external. Comes with 3 months warranty.

Tohatsu 9.8hp

Tohatsu 9.8hp 2 stroke L/S Sail Drive;- SOLD This is a very nice condition lightweight 2006 outboard that has had very light use -  been stored for most of its life. The Sail Drive differs slightly to a standard long shaft in that it has a charging facility plus high Thrust prop. We have another of these as a standard long shaft that is a year or so older and will be £975.  Comes with 12ltr fuel tank and 3 months back to base warranty.

Mercury 8hp

Mercury 8hp 2 stroke LS(2003);- SOLD - We also have the 15hp version of this - please call for price. this is a great condition outboard that has very light use. A lighter engine than the four stroke - this outboard is fully serviced and comes with a choice of fuel tanks and 3 months back to base warranty.

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