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We are in the process of developing and expanding this  area as a reference so customers can understand the nuances of models and the variability of design etc. Please feel free to send us pictures of our stock on location and maybe some blurb to add interest;-

Yamaha 15hp outboard

Yamaha 15hp L/S - Gambia  - Several of our customers live in Gambia, here we see a 15hp Yamaha donated to the local fishermen - they also donated grain to outlying villages(anonymously). There are around 4000 British nationals living in Gambia, with roughly 1500 per week holidaying there in the height of the season. The 11,295km² nation is surrounded by Senegal, barring an 80km Atlantic coastline with scenic lagoons, golden beaches, and biologically-rich coastal reserves. Known as the 'smiling coast', its population of just over two million has a reputation for being warm-hearted, and the Gambian people are often considered to be the real treasures of the country. It may be one of the safest countries in Africa, in spite of its recent authoritarian rule and poor human rights record, but its stability has not resulted in prosperity. Despite the presence of the Gambia River, which runs through the middle of the country and is teeming with wildlife ' including nearly 600 bird species, manatees, hippos, and colobus monkeys ' only one-sixth of the land in the country is fertile due to poor soil quality. This has led to one main crop being grown ' peanuts. As a result of this lack of agricultural revenue, tourism is becoming an important source of foreign exchange, and expats can find increasing opportunities in this sector. Also, many expats have set up their businesses to capitalise on this growing tourism industry. Here is a beautiful song by Southampton band SVGA and their Artist Sereh Sillah - Smiling coast ;-


Avon 260 Riblite
Avon RibLite 260

Avon Riblite 260  - These are extremly popular hypalon tenders as they are very light(32kg) and with a foldable transon it allows for creative stowage(fits into a zip up sleeve - on deck).  This is rated to carry 4 passengers(at a squeeze) and 6hp outboard. These top of the range inflatables are built to withstand hot climates(UV resistant). This customer took their Riblite down to the Med via Portugal(pictured here) - they are featured in a blog on our links page - 38ft Moody (Calipso).

Apex Rib

Apex 275 RiB

Top of the range RiB with GRP hull and Hypalon fabric. Relatively lightweight at 41kg -

  • Length: 8’11” (2.72 m)

  • Beam: 5’2” (1.57 m)

  • Tube Diameter: 16 ½” (42 cm)

  • Tube Material: Hypalon®

  • Air Chambers: 2

  • Persons Capacity: 4

  • Keel: V

  • Payload: 900 lbs. (409 kilos)

  • Weight: 89 lbs. (41 kilos) without engine

Highfield 260 CL
Highfield 260 CL
Highfield 260 CL
Highfield 260 CL
Highfield 260 CL

Highfield 260 CL


Top of the range RiB with aluminium hull and Hypalon fabric, has the built in bow locker. Relatively lightweight at 54kg - 3+1 persons, max outboard 10hp 4 stroke, Integrated davit lifting eyes.

Avon 280 2www
Avon 280 4www
Avon 280www
Avon 280 3www

Avon 280 Rib

Avon hulls are very well designed - they have profound chines for lift and to push water away, giving a dry ride. The hull can be flooded to increase weight and stability which prevents flipping when towing. Takes up to 8hp (4 stroke - 39kg - or 2 stroke equivalent). These 280 Avon's are extremly popular with our customers as they are very stable when moored - "like stepping onto a ponton" said one of our customers.

Zodiac 240 Cadet

Zodiac 240 Cadet


Air floor and keel dinghy - 2012. Popular well made dinghy with the latest air floor technology - has large tubes and is relatively light weight. 

Avon Supersport

Avon 4 meter Supersport


Arguable one of the best made Sibs EVER! Beautifully crafted boat that takes a maximum 40hp. We have a mint one in stock.

Avon RiB
Avon 280 4www
Avon RiB
Avon 280 5www
Avon 280 3www

Avon 280 Sib

These popular tenders have an inflatable keel, giving directional control when under speed.  This is rated to carry 4 passengers. These top of the range inflatables are built to withstand hot climates(UV resistant).

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